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 How to use eCRIS Summary Totals Search

The purpose of eCRIS Summary Totals Search option is to offer public users to view Summary Totals from a given financial report filed with the SEEC by Committee Name. These amounts are referenced in Column A of the Summary Page Totals of each financial report filed. The following information from each filing is shown in the search results screen:

• Balance on Hand at the beginning of the Reporting Period
• Total Monetary Receipts (for the reporting period)
• Expenses Paid by Committee (for the reporting period)
• Balance on Hand at close of Reporting Period

We offer these basic tips for you to consider when using eCRIS Summary Totals Search option:

• We recommend that you limit your search to single committee. You can only view Summary Totals records for SEEC Registered committees who filed their financial reports since 1/1/2008 through yesterday midnight. This includes reports filed by eCRIS filers as well as filers who filed on paper. For committees filing their reports on paper, their Summary Totals records were either entered by the SEEC staff or an agent of SEEC.

• You can only search for Summary Totals records for financial reports which have been filed with the SEEC. For committees using eCRIS, the reports which are in DRAFT mode their Summary Totals records are not disclosed to public until filed by the designated officer(s) of the committee.

• You MUST specify a search value for the following search fields (marked with an asterisk): o Committee  Do NOT use wild card search characters (such as *, %, and so on) when specifying search value for the Committee search criterion.  Do NOT use punctuations (such as -, ‘, “, !, +, ?, @, $ and so on) when specifying search value for the Committee search criterion.

This criterion refers to the committee for which you would like to view Summary Totals records for. Use this criterion to provide the full name or any part of the name of a committee. For example, if you type john for the Committee criterion then the search will return all Summary Totals records for which the Committee Name includes the string value of john anywhere in the full name of the committee such as John Doe for Senate, Johnstown Independent Town Party Committee, and so on. If you choose to use the exact name of the Committee then you can also click on the Committee Search icon to switch to the Committee Search option and select the Committee name returned by the search. For more information on Committee Search option refer to How to use Committee Search option document.
  Show Ammended History 
This criterion allows the user to include records which have been amended by the filer. By default the search results ONLY include the ORIGINAL records filed.
  Show Records 
The default number of records displayed per page is 200, which is also the highest number of records that can be displayed per page; however you can change the number by choosing the desired value from the dropdown list.