Common Understanding of Login Process

Registered user of the system can create multiple logins (if he/she so desires) to manage and represent various roles. For example, a chairperson or a treasurer or a deputy treasurer or a committee designated data entry staff representing one committee in any one of these roles may also represent another committee in a same or another capacity. It is strongly recommended, however, that registered users maintain a single userid to represent various associations with the same or different committees.  The system is being designed to handle both scenarios and allow flexibility to the registered user to make the appropriate choice. All registered users will have the ability to request a reset of the password in an event that they have forgotten it. This functionality is in addition to the registered users’ ability to change password once logged into the system. The system will keep track of the time and activity while a registered user is logged in. The system will initiate the process to terminate the registered users’ login session after 30 minutes of inactivity. The system will keep track of unsuccessful login attempts by the registered user. The system will allow up to nine (9) attempts for a registered user to successfully login. After nine (9) unsuccessful attempts the system will inactivate/disable the userid and notify the user via email to visit the link to reset the password and enable the userid. The system will not use registered users’ email address as the Userid. The system will not allow the use of the same Userid twice.  The system will allow the use of the same password across multiple Userids.