Program Goals

The voluntary public financing Program is designed to improve the electoral process in the following ways:
  • 1

    Allowing candidates to compete without reliance on special interest money;

  • 2

    Allowing statewide officers and legislators the ability to make decisions free of the influence of, or the appearance that they have been influenced by, donations from special interests;

  • 3

    Restoring public confidence in the electoral and legislative processes;

  • 4

    Increasing meaningful citizen participation; and

  • 5

    Providing the public with useful and timely disclosure of campaign finances.

To participate, candidates must agree to abide by certain requirements, including strict contribution and expenditure limits and mandatory financial disclosures.

Useful Links

Rick Gebo - Elections Officer

Assigned Districts: Senate 1 -19; All Judge of Probate

Sheri-Lyn Lagueux - Elections Officer

Assigned Districts: Senate 20-36; House 76-151

Mark Severance - Elections Officer

Assigned Districts: House 1-75

Help Desk: (860) 256-2985

Help Desk: (860) 256-2925