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This page allows the public to search, browse and download information from campaign finance reports filed by committees with the SEEC’s Disclosure and Audit Unit. The term committees for purposes of this summary includes: Candidate committees, Exploratory committees, Party committees and Political Action committees (also known as PACs). We shall refer to all four distinct committee types as political committees in order to accent the political nature of their purpose in relationship to the financing of election campaigns for elective public office in Connecticut.The Commission strives to offer fast and easy public access to the filings by committees.

In most instances the Commission staff is able to make these documents and information accessible for the public to search and view in a matter of hours.

In pursuit of SEEC’s mission to make information specific to political activities accessible in a user friendly manner to the public, we offer five distinct search options. Each option has been carefully designed to cater to the needs of its specific public audience. Our audience may include citizens generally interested in the democracy, researchers, reporters, students, politicians, political campaign staff, legislators, lobbyists and many others.

Search for and view documents filed by committees during the course of their existence.

Committee History Search Search for and review the registration history for committees registered with SEEC.

Search for and view documents filed by committees during the course of their existence.

Search for and review receipts reported by committees which filed campaign finance reports electronically using eCRIS.

Search for and view Independent Expenditures

Search for and view Organization Expenditures

Search for and view filings by the committees during the course of their existence