Each General Assembly election cycle, the Commission is required to hold a weighted lottery to determine which districts will be subject to a post-election review. The charts below show the districts that have been selected for 2022, as well as all prior years in which post-election reviews have been done by lottery.
   Post-Election Review Lottery House District Selection 2010-2022    Post-Election Review Lottery Senate District Selection 2010-2022
Committees will be receiving formal letters by mail and email in the coming weeks notifying them whether they have been selected and if so, the applicable deadlines and what materials must be submitted. Please make sure your contact information is current on your registration. Note that only candidates in a selected district that were required by law to form candidate committees and were either on the primary or general election ballot at the time of the election in that district and/or received a grant from the Citizens’ Election Program will be reviewed.

Additional Information

   Lottery Transcripts    House Lottery Documents    Senate Lottery Documents