The 2022 Guide for Statewide Office and General Assembly Candidates Participating in the Citizens’ Election Program will be released in February 2022 after the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for December 2021 becomes available as this impacts the qualifying thresholds, maximum qualifying contribution amounts, grant amounts, and organization expenditure limits that will be set out in the Guide. Older CEP guides remain available on our Publications page. At this time, Commission staff would like to address the following two issues:

Maximum Qualifying Contribution Amount

Statewide office and General Assembly candidates interested in participating in the CEP are recommended to raise maximum qualifying contributions of $250 until the CPI adjustments become available in early 2022. The maximum qualifying contribution amount cannot statutorily dip below $250. When the maximum contribution amount increases, the campaign can always go back to the contributor and raise the difference. For example, if a contributor gave you $250 and the maximum amount gets adjusted to $290, you can ask them later if they would like to give an additional $40 to the campaign.

For candidates who raise contributions of $270 at this time, which was the CPI-adjusted amount the last time the Program ran in 2020, please be aware that in the unlikely event the maximum amount gets adjusted below $270, the committee will have to refund the overage before applying for a grant if they want the contribution to potentially qualify.


The 2020 Census has led to some redistricting for both Senate and House districts. Please note that for purposes of counting contributions as in-district for General Assembly candidates participating in the CEP, SEEC will use the districts drawn based on the 2020 Census.