Special Election CEP Grant Applications

Due to COVID-19, our offices remain closed to the public at this time. A drop box has been set up to receive grant application packages and is located in the public entrance of our building at 55 Farmington Avenue.

Other than the committee’s SEEC 30 financial disclosure filing, which is submitted by eCRIS, and the committee’s online contribution spreadsheet, if applicable, which is submitted directly to SEEC by the committee’s merchant account provider, the complete application package (CEP 10, CEP 15, documentation of ballot access, and all contributor certification forms and accompanying documentation) may be submitted through the drop box. The complete package must be dropped off by 5:00 pm of the applicable deadline date in order for the campaign’s application to be considered for approval by the Commission. Contribution certification documentation may be submitted on a memory stick or thumb drive or by paper. SEEC staff will be regularly monitoring the drop box but please let your assigned elections officer know when you have submitted anything in the drop box. Committees are strongly encouraged to submit their application package well before the applicable deadline date to ensure the campaign has time to work with their elections officer to make sure everything is in by the 5:00 pm deadline.

For the deadlines applicable to the special election, please visit the page particular to that special election which can be found on our homepage.

Docketed Matters

Time requirements for docketed matters including decision-making requirements, hearings, or other time limitations or deadlines, procedures, or legal processes pertaining to these matters are extended for 90 days.