SEEC Online Interface for Credit Card Contributions

The sample online interfaces were designed for use by both nonparticipating candidates as well as participating candidates who are gathering credit card qualifying contributions via the Internet. It is strongly recommended that committees model their online contribution site precisely based on the appropriate sample online interface. In some instances, deviations from the sample online interface may result in contributions not being qualified. Treasurers should make sure that any webpage used to gather qualifying contributions obtains the same exact information from each contributor that is provided for in this sample. Those fields marked on the sample with a red asterisk should be mandatory. All fields must be filled in before a contribution can be processed. Also, any webpage must contain the certification contained in this sample as well as a link to the “Definitions of Terms” provided in this sample.

Please note, for every credit card contribution submitted via the Internet, the campaign or merchant account processor must promptly send confirmation to the contributor by electronic mail to the individual’s email address.

In addition to gathering the requisite information prior to a contribution, the campaign must also choose a merchant account processor that keeps the contributions in a separate, unique (not shared or pooled) merchant account for the campaign.

The merchant account processor must submit to the campaign, for every contribution, proof of credit card processing including the name and address of the contributor, name of the credit card holder and billing address, full amount of the contribution, verification that the rate charged was consistent with a personal and not a business credit card, and verification that the contributor made all of the required representations and certifications.

In the event that the information provided by the merchant account processor does not indicate that the given contributor certified to his or her lobbyist and state contractor status and other required certifications, the campaign treasurer may alternatively submit documentation showing that the website is set up so that contributions cannot be processed unless the certification is completed in the form of a letter written by a representative from the merchant account processor or the webmaster certifying to this fact. Sample online contribution letters are available for your use and should be provided at the time your committee begins to receive online contributions, and, if participating in the Citizens' Election Program, at and at the time of grant application.

       SAMPLE - Online Interface for Credit Card Contributions
       SAMPLE Online Contribution - Initial MAP Letter
       SAMPLE Online Contribution - Transaction Receipt
       SAMPLE Online Contribution - Grant Application Letter