Enforcement Unit

The Commission's statutory responsibility and original purpose is to enforce the provisions of state election law that govern elections, primaries and referenda. The Enforcement Unit of the Commission receives complaints and evaluates whether they allege facts, which if proven true, would constitute a violation of election law. If so, the complaint is docketed and assigned to a staff member or members for an investigation. Complaints range from allegations pertaining to campaign finance violations to election administration statutes and must be filed under oath, except for town clerks and the Secretary of the State, who may file a statement with the Commission. The Commission may also initiate an investigation on its own initiative. The staff drafts proposed Commission decisions for dismissals or negotiated resolutions, and when cases proceed to hearing, staff attorneys act as civil prosecutors. Additionally, the Enforcement Unit collects late filing fees, civil penalties and forfeitures for violations of state election law, and collaborates with other agencies with jurisdiction over the election laws, such as the Secretary of the State, the Chief State's Attorney, and the United States Attorney.

Organization of Staff

William B. Smith - Staff Attorney 3

William.Smith@ct.gov     860-256-2940

Kevin Ahern - Staff Attorney 3

Kevin.Ahern@ct.gov     860-256-2940

James Talbert-Slagle - Staff Attorney 3

James.Talbert-Slagle@ct.gov     860-256-2940

Ryan Burns - Staff Attorney 3

Ryan.Burns@ct.gov     860-256-2940

Scott Branfuhr - Legal Investigator

Scott.Branfuhr@ct.gov     860-256-2940

Stephanie Fish - Legal Investigator

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Appointments to the Commission are divided equally amongst the Governor and the four highest ranking leaders of the General Assembly, the Speaker of the House, House Minority Leader, Senate President Pro Tempore and the Senate Minority Leader. Since its inception in 1974, there have been 44 appointments to the Commission and 11 Commission chairs.

Current Commissioners

   Stephen Penny - Chair

Attorney Stephen T. Penny was appointed to serve as a Commissioner by then Senate President Pro Tempore Donald Williams on August 7, 2013. Mr. Penny graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a B.A. degree in 1970, and from the University of Connecticut School of Law with a J.D. degree in 1973. Since that time, he has been engaged in the general practice of law in the Town of Manchester, including real estate, litigation, labor relations, municipal and zoning law. He currently is a law partner at Penny, Botticello & O'Brien, P.C., also in Manchester. Mr. Penny is a former mayor of Manchester, having served on its Board of Directors for ten years. He currently sits on the Cheney Hall Foundation Board and was President of the Manchester Rotary Club. He is also a member of Friendship Lodge of Masons, Sphinx Temple Shriners, and is the announcer at the Manchester Road Race, one of the oldest and most respected races in the country.

   Salvatore Bramante - Vice Chair

Salvatore A. Bramante was appointed to the Commission by Representative Lawrence Cafero in September 2013. Before coming to the Commission, Mr. Bramante served for nineteen years as a registrar of voters in the City of Hartford, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. He has also worked as a business analyst in the field of health care. Mr. Bramante has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut and received his MIS from the University of Hartford. He is past Commissioner of the Metropolitan District Commission.

   Anthony J. Castagno

Anthony J. Castagno of North Stonington was elected Chairman of the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission in December 2012. He was appointed to the Commission in August 2010 by the Speaker of the House, and confirmed by the Legislature in January 2011. Mr. Castagno is an adjunct faculty member in Communication Science at the University of Connecticut and received the 2010 Avery Point Adjunct Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. He also is president of the Rowe Group which specializes in strategic business development and public relations. His prior experience includes more than 16 years with Northeast Utilities, the last 11 as manager of communications for the company's nuclear operations; he has been published in more than 50 reference books and other publications.

Mr. Castagno has Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Trinity College in Hartford. He was a director of Middlesex County Literacy Volunteers and Middlesex County Special Olympics, was active with the Portland (CT) Democratic Town Committee and served on the Portland Economic Development Commission and the Portland Charter Revision Commission. In 1990, he ran for State Senate in the 33rd district.

   Michael J. Ajello

Michael J. Ajello was appointed to the Commission by then Senate Minority Leader John McKinney in November 2013. By profession, he is an attorney and has been for over twenty years. His practice is focused in the areas of real estate closings, real estate law, and civil litigation. A large portion of his litigation experience involves real estate issues including foreclosures, condemnation actions, partition actions, land use appeals, summary process and other landlord-tenant disputes, and other property related litigation, as well as commercial litigation, and contracts. He has also served as Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission of Hamden. Mr. Ajello has a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and was past president of the Paradise Country Club.

   Andrew Cascudo

Andrew Cascudo was appointed to the Commission by Governor Dannel P. Malloy for a term commencing July 2018. Mr. Cascudo is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science as well as the University of Connecticut School of Law. He currently serves as in-house counsel for Aetna where he supports contracting, product development, financial sanction and anti-corruption compliance as well as Aetna International’s entry into new markets in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean; he previously served as Aetna International’s Compliance Officer for the Americas. Prior to joining Aetna, Mr. Cascudo served as an Elections Officer and Staff Attorney for the State Elections Enforcement Commission and was part of the team that launched the Citizens’ Election Program in 2008. Mr. Cascudo has also held various roles for political parties and campaigns on the state and national level.

   Former Commissioners

Patricia Stankevicius - 2009-2018

Stephen F. Cashman, Chair - 2000-2013

Joan B. Jenkins - 2003-2013

Richard C. Bozzuto - 2007-2012

Teresa B. Gerratana - 2009-2010

Father Michael J. Dolan - 2006-2009

Santa Mendoza - 2002-2007

Tracey Green Cleary - 2004-2005

Audrey D. Brett - 2009-2018

William R. Sokolowski, Chair - 1996-2004

Albert Rogers, Chair - 1987-2003

Amalia M. Toro - 2000-2002

Alice W. Lynch, Chair - 1982-2002

Laurence D. Cohen -1995-

Nicholas F. Serignese - 1995-2000

Michael H. Handler - 1990-2000

Joseph F. Skelley - 1985-1988

Robert S. Orcutt - 1985-1995

Richard L. Sturdevant - 1984-1985

Edward W. Leonard - 1982-1987

Susan Hobbie Bennet - 1981-1984

Andrew D. Coleman, Chair - 1980-1995

Samuel E. Slaiby - 1980-1985

Alan H. Nevas - 1979-1980

William Smythe -1979-

Richard F.Jones, Jr. -1978-

H. Bacon Collamore, Jr., Chair - 1978-1982

Marylouise Fennell - 1978-1982

James Demetriades - 1978-1980

Dalila Soto, Chair - 1978-1980

William T. Kosturko, Chair - 1976-1978

Herbert Emaneulson - 1975-1978

Thomas Kendig -1976-

Carl Guglietta - 1975-1977

Donald Paolucci - 1974-1975

Joseph T. Domingue - 1974-1975

James J. Conefrey - 1974-1978

Claire S. Jacobs, Chair - 1974-1978

Lester B. Snyder, Chair - 1974-1975

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