Overview of eCRIS - Videos and Printable Documentation

eCRIS Training Videos

eCRIS enables treasurers to electronically submit required committee registration information and campaign finance statements detailing the receipts and expenditures of the committee. The primary goal of these training seminars is to teach eCRIS users how to enter transactional information and file reports to the state using the eCRIS software.

Create eCRIS User Account Video

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Forgot Your Password Video

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List and Overview of the Training Videos that Require eCRIS Account

Once logged into eCRIS, there is a series of step-by-step videos to assist treasurers with learning the program and assembling their financial reports.


**All videos are based on the SEEC Form 20 unless otherwise noted.**
  • Overview of the eCRIS Member Home - Tour the Member Home Page 4.01 Min
  • How to add Data Entry Operator - Enlist someone to assist you in your data entry 2.09 Min
  • Data Extracts - Export your information to a workable format (excel/CSV) 2.21 Min
  • Creating New Committee Registration - Candidates and Chairpersons: register your new committee 4.23 Min
  • Register New Candidate - Exempt - Candidates: register your candidacy if you are exempt from creating a committee (1b) 1.41 Min
  • STEP 1 - Reporting Home - Tour the Reporting Home Page 1.56 Min
  • Creating a New Report and Standard vs. Nonstandard Reports - Specifics on report creation3.50 Min
  • Create and File an Amendment - Access and amend previously filed reports 0.56 Min
  • STEP 2 - Financial Reporting - Tour the Financial Reporting Page 2.36 Min
  • Enter New Contributions from Existing Contributor - Use Section B for both existing and new contributors 1.46 Min
  • Edit Existing Contributions - Make changes to your saved entries 0.56 Min
  • FORM 30 - Personal Funds of the Candidate - Report monies received from the candidate1.39 Min
  • FORM 30 - Report Receipt of Grant Funds - For CEP Committees 2.46 Min
  • Reporting Refunds, Voided Checks, ect. - Miscellaneous Monetary Receipts4 Min
  • Enter Committee Expenditures - Expenses Paid by Committee 2.43 Min
  • Report Expenses Incurred but not yet Paid (and reconciling once expenses are paid)2.23 Min
  • STEP 3 - Review Warnings - Tour the Review Warnings Page 6.49 Min
  • STEP 4 - Review Totals - Tour the Review Totals Page1.32 Min
  • STEP 5 - File to State - Walk through filing the financial report 0.53 Min

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