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   Absentee Ballot Fact Sheet (for Primaries, Elections, and Referenda Occurring Prior to November 3, 2021)    2021 Special Elections Overview    2021 Municipal Campaign Election Overview    2020 General Assembly Post-Election and Termination Fact Sheet    2020 Treasurer Checklist for Post-Primary Reporting    2020 Primary Termination Fact Sheet    Treasurer’s Best Practices Checklist: Qualifying Contribution Documentation FAQs    Exploratory Committee Dissolution / Candidate Committee Formation Checklist    Treasurer's Best Practice Checklist: Preparing Qualifying Contribution Documentation    2020 Citizens’ Election Program Overview    March 3, 2020 Town Committee Primary Fact Sheet, Filing Calendar, and Contribution Chart    2019 Municipal Post-Election and Termination Fact Sheet    2019 Municipal Election Campaign Overview    2018 Judge of Probate Post-Election and Termination Fact Sheet    2018 CEP Overview    Contribution Limits & Restrictions    Exploratory "Carry Forward" Form     Wage Agreement and Secondary Payee Sample Forms    Grant Application Checklist    SEEC Form 20 Fact Sheet - "Type of Expenditure" Field    Primary "Carry Forward" Form    Treasurer's Best Practices Checklist - Common Mistakes to Avoid    Treasurer's Best Practices Checklist - Records Treasurers Must Obtain, Copy and Keep    Citizens' Election Program: Prohibited Payments to Family Members    Changes to the Referendum Law - Automated Calling Systems    All You Need to Know About Absentee Ballots    Prohibition on Expenditure of Public Funds Relating to Referenda (Revised May 2008)

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